Creator of Feeding the Frasers, Sammy Moniz

With a mission to capture the perfect first-bite moment, be known as the house with the best snacks, and keep the Fittest Man on Earth a well-fed Fraser, you could say she has a lot on her plate.

Or if you know Sammy... it’s exactly what she’s ordered.

You’ve likely arrived on this page because you’re a fan of super delicious things, beautiful food photography, a little wit and a lot of charm. What you might not yet know is you’re about to step into a world of heart-bursting love, overwhelming joy and true connection, through one of the most common things that brings us together as humans - food.

A mix of an old Italian grandmother and a New England girl really stocked up on some Southern hospitality, Sammy was raised in a household of 7 (the 3rd of 5 siblings), and her fondest memories are gathering around the table for a shared meal.

Sammy continues to stoke her creative fire by seeing the kitchen as her playground and her classroom. She constantly seeks out ways to grow and learn - any opportunity to get better is what truly excites her in her craft and her life.

From family dinners, to her little kitchen that could, to managing her sweetheart’s meals on the road, Sammy has since grown an abundant, devoted following on Instagram who can’t wait to see what she’s serving up on her cutting board in her cute little Birkenstocks. She has also learned from, befriended and collaborated with wonderful farms, like Bel Campo and Roam Ranch and other brands, such as Traeger and Siete, who share similar philosophies, such as using nourishment as fuel, implementing sustainable practices and enhancing the quality of life of everyone involved. Not to mention, make really yummy foods.

To know Sammy is to know the most powerful love and extraordinary support. More than any thing, Sammy wants the people in her life to feel loved and cared for - including you! She’d be doing this - sharing her culinary explorations, photography, gear and creations - even if you were the only person who ever arrived on her page. And the truth is, she’s so glad you’re here.

Now go on, go take your first bite.


— Written by Mauri Konell