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New Mexico Enchiladas

Posted by Samantha Moniz on

Last month at WZA in Miami, I got a chance to hang with Tommy Marquez on the @talkingelitefitness podcast. We talked all about food and shared some of our favorite home cooked meals. Tommy blew my mind with the version of enchiladas he grew up with called New Mexico Enchiladas. They are stacked, not rolled. The cherry on top of this recipe is that it gets topped off with a few fried eggs. I never would have thought to top enchiladas with fried eggs but now that I’ve done it, I don’t see myself going back to my old ways. There’s a code for ordering these delicious stacks. Here, I’ve recreated Tommy’s order, a 4 by 3. Translation: stack 4 tortillas high and topped with 3 eggs. I won’t be going back to rolled enchiladas anytime soon, and I’ll forever be topping them with crispy olive oil-fried Pete & Gerry's eggs!

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